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NOW, more than ever.

We created You Are An Awesome Human™ and You Are An Awesome Human Shirts™ (YAAAHS™) because we needed a special way to show our appreciation to some special people. These are folks who make awesome look easy, and we felt they had earned more than a thank you note. 

There's one rule here: You can’t buy one of these shirts for yourself. We created the shirts as gifts – an awesome expression of gratitude.


Next issue number in queue: 099

When you buy a YAAAHS, you get to tell us—and the world—why the recipient is awesome. 

We’ll make sure your designated do-gooder hears all about it, too. We print your custom message inside the neckline of our shirts. This way, your human will be reminded of why they make the world a little more awesome any time they toss on our T-shirt.

We're also printing individual issue numbers on each of our first-run shirts.


Why animal heads?

Well, the mockups provided by our garment vendor didn’t reflect the wide range of awesome we’re used to seeing. We know awesome doesn't always look the same - so we added our own element of diversity to the models. Except for the baby: that baby is the epitome of awesome. We'll have our own photo shoot soon, but for now, please enjoy this bit of whimsy.